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New AC Unit Costs - AC Repair Costs

When that dreaded day comes and you find yourself without AC in the middle of summer or anytime in the south for that matter you'll be wondering what that repair or replacement will cost you. So let's talk about the different costs of replacing your AC unit and a few repair costs.

Cost to Replace Homes Current Air Conditioning System-

The average cost to replace a residential heating and cooling unit in Dothan, AL is between $3,500 and $6,000. This would include typical residential 1-5 ton heating and cooling systems; although some factors may vary for ex. size of unit, any needed duct work or other equipment, etc. Keep in my the type of system for example gas, heat pump or straight cool and heat, the location of the unit, and the efficiency of the heating and cooling system will all play a factor in your particular needs and pricing.

Cost to Repair or Service Your Homes Air Conditioning Unit-

The cost to repair your heating and cooling system will vary depending on the type of repair and equipment. Here are a few common repairs and pricing to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Service Calls- $75.00 - $125.00 The range is affected by type of call, and regular or after hour emergency calls.

Preventative Maintenance / Tune Ups - $99.00 - $399.00+ The range is affected by number of units, condition of unit/s, needed parts, filters, freon, etc.

Duct Cleaning - $299.00 - $599+ - Range affected by number of units, number of vents, any equipment needed ex. UV Lights, filters, etc.

Why AC Maintenance is Important-

-About 48% of your utility bill goes to heating and cooling.

-Regular Maintenance can help prevent small problems from becoming costly repairs.

-A well-Maintained Heating and Cooling System uses less energy lowering your utility bills.

-Dirt, bacteria and mold can build up in the air conditioning system without maintenance.

-Indoor air can be polluted by a variety of contaminants.

-Having clean blower, filter, burners and coils means that your air conditioner can blow cleaner air into your home.

-Maintaining the system can help it last as long as it's supposed to, or longer. Most modern central air conditioners last about 10-17 years depending on maintenance.

-Maintenance pays off your initial investment over time.

-Dirty, poorly maintained HVAC units work about 20% harder than necessary, using more energy and costing you extra money.

-Waiting too long for ac maintenance increases the chances that warranties will expire before any needed repairs.

***Eco Heating and Cooling Services all Makes and Models of Heating and Cooling Equipment regardless of who installed the equipment.

Have Questions? Need a Quote or to have your AC Serviced or Replaced? Call Eco Heating and Cooling and one of our Hometown AC Technicians will be there to help!

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