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The Importance of Annual AC Unit Maintenance

Why Is Air Conditioner Maintenance So Important?

Regular annual maintenance is the number one way to maximize the life of your Southern Alabama, air conditioner. It’s also the best way to get the most optimal and efficient performance from any heating and cooling system. The more efficiently your air conditioner operates, the more money you’ll save on electric bills, and the more comfortable your indoor environment will be.

Heating and Cooling systems are just like cars. During the warmer months of the year, they work hard day in and day out. Without regular maintenance, they lose their ability to keep you cool. A critical component of every air conditioner is the condenser coil. When the condenser coil gets dirty, it causes problems that affect performance and can damage other parts of the air conditioning unit.

Condenser coils should be cleaned every year! Coil cleaning is included in an A/C tune-up by Eco Heating and Cooling. Do your part at home by keeping the area around your outdoor AC unit clear of ants, debris, foliage and dirt.. Keeping your air filter clean and change regularly will help keep your coils as clean as possible. Eco Heating and Cooling are your Home Town AC Technicians and are keeping the Wiregrass Area heating and cooling systems healthy. Certified technicians with Eco Heating and Cooling can service all AC makes and models.

Reasons to Schedule an Air Conditioner Check Up

Why schedule an annual air conditioner maintenance with Eco Heating and Cooling? SAVING MONEY!!! and SAVING MONEY!!! (yes I meant to repeat myself there). For starters, you will increase the chances that your A/C technician will catch small problems before they become big ones by scheduled regular tune ups. Repairing a small refrigerant leak doesn't cost much more than the service call. Buying a new compressor when low refrigerant levels burn your current one out, however, can cost a thousand dollars or more. The other way an annual check up saves you money is by ensuring that your A/C unit is working at optimal efficiency. When your heating and cooling unit is running well it uses much less energy to cool your house, and lower energy use means bigger savings for you on your monthly electric bills.

What Are Some of the things Eco Heating and Cooling will do at an Annual Tune- Up?

  • Check for the proper refrigerant levels. Low levels indicate a leak that needs to be found and repaired immediately. Low refrigerant levels can burn out your compressor, resulting in the most costly air conditioner repair period.

  • Calibrate thermostat to make sure your A/C isn’t working overtime.

  • Check all electrical components and controls..

  • Clean condenser and evaporator colils. Dirty evaporators and coils reduce the energy efficiency and cooling ability of your heating and cooling unit.

  • Check the condenser for any possible problems.

  • Oil motors if needed.

  • Check, clean, and/or replace filters as needed.

An annual air conditioner tune up is the easiest way to keep your heating and cooling unit in top notch condition for years and years to come. To ensure you’ll get worry free, and money saving, performance from your A/C, schedule a regular maintenance call today with Eco Heating and Cooling in Dothan, AL. Your Home Town AC Technicians.


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